‘Intimate Encounters’ is a beautiful and powerful photographic exhibition of 40 works representing the experiences of people with disabilities. With the assistance of Accessible Arts and Visions of Australia, “Intimate Encounters” toured to every metropolitan and key regional city throughout Australia – 32 venues from 2001 to 2007 and to nine international cities from 2002 to 2014  and was shown in London, New York, New Zealand, Barcelona, Toronto and in March 2010 in Seville , Spain. Editions of the exhibition are held by ShapeArts London, Museum of Sex New York, Tiaho Trust New Zealand and the Albury Library & Museum NSW.

In 1998, Photographer, Belinda Mason collaborated with the participants to create a unique, highly emotive essay that takes the viewer through a journey of emotions, tapping into thoughts and feelings so often dismissed and denied. All images were developed with full input and participation from the people photographed; it is been a truly collaborative experience, shaped by the participant’s own feelings, thoughts, and aspirations. Belinda Mason has worked extensively with all the participants to define how they wish to be represented. This is a radical shift in the way people with disabilities are generally photographed; rather than objectifying their experiences, they are the active creators of their representation.

If you would like to host an exhibition of the Intimate Encounters portraits, please contact us