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Dominic is an activist and a Senior Registered Practitioner with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.  He is the co-editor of 3 volumes of ‘Pink Therapy’ and the co-author of ‘The Sexual Politics of Disability – Untold Desire’.  He is a Visiting Fellow at Nottingham University and a Visiting Lecturer at Leicester University. Dominic has scoliosis and chronic pain. Lee is a curator and interdisciplinary artist.  Lee works extensively in sculpture, theatre design, film, video, live performance and installation.  He has exhibited widely including shows and screenings at the Tate Gallery, Liverpool; Museum of Modern Art, Oxford; Museum of the Moving Image, Hoax, The Foundry and The Nunnery in London; and the Mura Clay and Tap Gallery in Sydney. Lee is the Artistic Director and Producer of Sexmutant an international real-time and on-line project reconfiguring.