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Titi Chartay. A smiling veteran of Gay Liberation, the Vietnam Moratorium and Women’s Liberation, Titi maintains her activism to this day.  A Mardi Gras 78’er, she now applies her experience to the area of disability.  A writer, musician and theatre artist, she has a strong practical streak that means she is equally at ease repairing a car radiator as she is critiquing literary theory.  She is a great believer in the subversive value of satire and maintains through her disdain of current dance music that she is not a Luddite.  She has been fond of dinosaurs since childhood and Motown all her life. Titi uses crutches in order to be mobile.

Caroline Dearing: Caroline Dearing is a homeopath with a penchant for ballroom dancing.  Her commitment to social justice issues and appreciation of the practical strategic thrust now sees her subverting the legal system from within.  She believes that the ‘sledgehammer approach’ of law is often the only way that the rights of the marginalised and the ignored can be respected and as such, is a strong advocate of law reform.  She loves a groove to a Motown song and tolerates the presence of dinosaurs at home with whimsical forbearance.