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Huhana has a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Social Sciences.  She was the Vice President of Student Services at Waikato University for 2 years and is the current Vice President of ACHIEVE (students with disabilities lobby group). About to complete her Masters in Law in February 2001, Huhana’s contributions have been published in ‘Restricted Access: Lesbians in Disability’ Anthology 1999 and in the Womens’ Studies Journal 2000.  She is about to have her own book published and is working on a children’s book.  She is involved in setting up a program for providing equal rights in information for children and young people with disabilities.  She founded the New Zealand Disability Law Policy Development Program and is involved in an international network of disabled lawyers advocating for a United Nations convention on disability rights.

Huhana has head and spinal injury, chronic asthma, chronic fatigue and fibro-myalgia.